Transform your Zoom meeting experience with ClickShare Conference, Atlanta

Our world rapidly discovered the benefits and value of video conferencing, and especially of the Zoom platform. UC solutions boomed because of their ease-of-use and their simplicity in bringing people together for business or pleasure. Video is now part of our everyday lives. And many current Zoom users will keep on using the solution in the office as well.

ClickShare Conference helps you Zoom from any room

ClickShare Conference wireless conferencing solutions are designed to work seamlessly with your AV peripherals and with Zoom, your preferred video conferencing system. Turn any meeting room into a conference room. Establish a wireless connection with microphones, soundbars, speakers and cameras in less than 7 seconds, get rid of the hassle of using cables and adapters. Make your remote Zoom meetings as intuitive and engaging as face-to-face meetings.

  • Connect wirelessly to audio and video solutions in any meeting room using the ClickShare Button or App
  • Start the Zoom videocall from your own laptop (or any other UC solution if necessary)
  • Share content on the meeting room screen & remote – from any device 
  • Collaborate interactively with all attendees

Your way of working, with full BYOM

Unleash the power of Bring Your Own Meeting by bridging to remote participants with the UC platform of your choice, even when it’s not Microsoft Teams. Start the hybrid meeting from your own laptop.

Office or remote, you’re one click away

Connect wirelessly to AV room peripherals. Share content to your Microsoft Teams meeting in one click, without cables or adaptors. Use the Button or App for a unified, intuitive user experience. 

Boost your team chemistry

Simply walk in and start your hybrid meeting. Smart meeting flows make your experience intuitive.

Whether you’re the organizer or a guest, anyone can participate and share content – even multiple pieces of content side by side – from any device.

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