Employee Cybersecurity Awareness & HIPAA Compliance training.

Cybersecurity & HIPAA Compliance Training

The Superhuman Firewall. Evolved.

Humans are more than just a vulnerability; they’re a hero-in-training that just hasn’t found their superpower.

210 Solutions is the channel leader in Cybersecurity Awareness & HIPAA Compliance training. We founded this employee training solution to help the small and large business  market, fix the human side of security, 

It's comprehensive, not complicated.

Our ongoing, employee Cybersecurity Training include everything needed to mitigate end-user risks.  No contracts, no hassle. All managed by us for one flite low-price.

Instant insight into end-user threats.

With our automated, ongoing training programs, we give you instant insight with our easy-to-understand Employee Secure Score (ESS).

Cybersecurity training curated for healthcare

Our HIPAA Prevention Platform mitigates the top security challenges your healthcare employees are facing in today’s digital age.

Complete HIPAA compliance suite meets annual requirements with a 100% OCR audit pass rating 

Not comfortable handling the complexities of HIPAA? Our partnership with HIPAA  provides you with expert guidance.

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