Atlanta Crestron Flex Byod Conference Room Installation

Today, ideas and opportunities come into your organization through people using a wide variety of devices and applications. These individuals need to connect and collaborate, creating an ever-greater demand for video conferencing — in meeting rooms that often aren’t conference rooms. They’re huddle spaces and hallways, atriums, and auditoriums. Keeping teams connected and productive regardless of platform or place makes BYOD solutions more valuable than ever. 
Make every platform work well

BYOD removes the limitations of network and platform, so everyone — customers, consultants, or vendors — can present to, and work with your teams efficiently. The ability to plug in any mobile device and seamlessly connect to room technology makes sharing content with those in the room or working remotely, easy and reliable.

Make every space work smarter

Crestron Flex enables both BYOD and your company’s preferred platform to be used, seamlessly, in the same space. Bringing this kind of flexibility to any space is key to maintaining productivity. When every space can do it all, teams spend less time searching for the right room and more time finding the right idea.

Make the most of your investment

BYOD solutions make the most of your investment in video conferencing in 3 ways:

  • If you haven’t standardized on one particular platform, BYOD capability helps you manage people coming into or back to the office working on different platforms.
  • If you’re looking to standardize, BYOD gives you the opportunity to change over rooms and spaces at your own pace, within your own budget.
  • Finally, smaller companies can lower enterprise costs and accommodate people who prefer to use their own devices to collaborate.

Keeping people collaborating no matter where they are, what platform they use or device they prefer. That’s the value of Crestron Flex and BYOD capability.

Optimize technology. Maximize room uptime.

Optimize all of your Crestron Flex workplace technology with one comprehensive technology operations platform– Crestron XiO Cloud® Service.

  • Deliver rooms that work consistently and flawlessly
  • View health of your rooms and devices
  • Centrally configure and deploy your technology
  • Control your technology remotely
  • Schedule and push updates
  • Get enhanced insights to increase device and room usage
  • Increase room uptime with automated operations
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