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Automating the many different elements of the modern workspace, home, or leisure environment can be a real game-changer. With our advanced automation technologies, you can easily set up programs incorporating lighting, heating, curtains/blinds, entertainment and presentation systems, as well as any other environmental or audio/visual technologies.

For Business

Make it so that when a guest checks into your hotel, the room is lit, heated/cooled, and welcoming when they get to their room. Set your office building to be the perfect temperature when your staff starts to arrive. Hosting a meeting? Get the conference room lit, heated, and monitors and speakers ready and waiting – all from a simple panel interface (portable or wall-mounted) or even from your existing smartphone or tablet.

Antivirus Software: Do You Need It? Our top recommendations for Antivirus. Now if you want to take this a step further we can deploy our AI and have our

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Best Private Search Engines to Avoid Being Spied On

DuckDuckGo Search Encrypt Gibiru   Ecosia In the past video, we told you what we think are the best browsers. So

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Best Web Browsers 2023 Choosing a good browser determines how well your data privacy will be protected when surfing the Internet. To understand this, we have to understand

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The Truth About Cisco Meraki If you compare Cisco Meraki against any other enterprise networking solution, the first thing you will notice is how high their prices are. However,

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