Yealink RingCentral Rooms Conferencing Installation, Atlanta

working together to bring RingCentral Rooms experience to every space

In 2014, RingCentral launched the Yealink DECT product, W52P, which was immediately welcomed into the market, and thus began the close collaboration and partnership between RingCentral and Yealink.

As the No.1 Global SIP Phone provider, Yealink has been dedicated to providing high-quality hardware and services to RingCentral in both SIP desk phones and DECT products, helping RingCentral achieve greater success in the market and to its customers.

Yealink and the RingCentral product team have been working closely in an effort to provide RingCentral customers with more hardware options and have made great progress since 2020. Now Yealink is excited to announce that we have extended our collaboration through building a new partnership with RingCentral Rooms.

RingCentral Rooms turns any room into a conference room and the new Yealink appliance solutions are optimized for the RingCentral platform, bringing an integrated meeting room experience that is easy to use, deploy, and manage.

We look forward to delivering our customers a smarter and simpler meeting experience, fulfilling their needs in an ever-changing work environment.

01 The Better Meeting Experience Drives Greater Efficiency

Simplify your meetings everywhere with a seamless experience between Yealink endpoints and RingCentral Rooms. We deliver a simple but effective solution to every user, no matter the size of the enterprise.We deliver a simple but effective solution to every user, no matter the size of the enterprise.

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02 The Effective Communication Enhances Productivity

Whether you need a phone call from the public space, conference room, or personal desktop, can always find one from Yealink’s wide portfolio of solutions with RingCentral integration.

03 Full-scenario personal collaboration to power every team under the hybrid

Compatible work with common calling applications across almost all platforms and operating systems. Yealink Headsets are ready for your business and professional communication from the moment you start with.




Yealink makes it easy to support large-scale video deployments while minimizing site visits and trouble tickets—all from a simple browser-based interface.

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