The Truth About Cisco Meraki

If you compare Cisco Meraki against any other enterprise networking solution, the first thing you will notice is how high their prices are. However, we cannot deny that the quality of their service is good and they provide a very powerful network.

For this reason, many business owners are willing to use Cisco Meraki in their companies.

There is a psychological effect that affects most buyers, as we tend to associate the quality of a service with its price. After all, if a company is charging me twice as much to provide the same service that must mean that it is better, right?

To be honest, that’s not the case. Cisco Meraki is a great company, but it is also one of the most expensive enterprise networking solution providers on the market.

After comparing it with numerous options, we have noticed that the service offered by Meraki is quite similar to similar solutions, with the difference that its price is excessive and may even double compared to its competitors.

Another thing we didn’t like about Meraki is its business model, which seems more similar to the one of a mafia boss than a technology company. As soon as you have the slightest problem with any of your payments, you can be sure that Meraki will cut off your service, no matter what consequences this may cause to your business.

For this reason, we recommend our customers to use other alternatives to avoid future problems, such as Ubiquity, Aruba, and others.

However, there is a way in which you can enjoy a much more affordable price, with a quality of service superior to Cisco Meraki, to manage your enterprise networks.

If you are having trouble designing or managing your networks and would like to enjoy greater efficiency for keeping your employee members connected, we can help you design your network architecture without you having to pay a single penny more.

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