Antivirus Software: Do You Need It?

Our top recommendations for Antivirus.

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Check out the PC Security Channel for head to head comparisons of a lot of antivirus software.

There is a great debate in the IT world about how necessary it is to use an antivirus. Although most people use antivirus software on their computers, there is a small percentage of the population who, out of unawareness or distrust, choose not to trust this kind of software because of their ability to access all the data on our computers.

But, is this reason enough not to use an antivirus?

If the antivirus did not have the ability to navigate freely through our files, it would be practically impossible to catch some of the most elusive viruses, which seek to hide far from our reach.

In our opinion, using an antivirus is absolutely necessary, whether you choose to rely on Windows Defender or some paid solution.

Since viruses are practically everywhere, surfing the Internet represents a risk in itself, so having an antivirus installed on your computer has become more of a necessity than a convenience, especially with the growing presence of malware.

This is particularly true for companies that are made up of dozens or even hundreds of computers, and where an employee’s carelessness can put their entire system in danger.
We strongly recommend you to start using a multilevel AV, which offers advanced threat detection and will allow you to protect your computer through multiple layers based on the best cybersecurity technology. Multi level antivirus is similar to two factor authentication which combines traditional antivirus scanning for known vulnerabilities with an AI software that scans for anomalies and changes to the average system processes.

We would also encourage you not to use McAfee or Norton as they are more worried about reoccurring subscriptions than actually stopping any problem. and yes we’ve done the research we have the data to back this up.

If you want to develop your own multilevel antivirus solution please check out the links in the description for our current recommendations. if you would like a more white glove approach please reach out and we can have one of our team members custom build you a plan that meets your needs.

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