What’s the Best Business Phone System?

Today, we discuss some key features of a solid business phone system. So ensure you stay until the end to benefit from all this information!

Let’s start by discussing the two types of business phone systems you can find on the market. The traditional phone systems “Land Lines” and the VoIP phone systems. One note we are going to be comparing everything to our current phone system offering.

VoIP phone systems are based on a rich set of features that make them much more powerful than traditional landline phone systems in that they allow the voice signal to be routed over the Internet, using an IP protocol. The main reason why so many companies have adopted VoIP phone systems is that they do not rely on physical lines but on a network structure, which eliminates installation costs and limitations on the number of conversations that can be held at the same time.

The first thing you want to make sure of when picking a phone system is that you can answer your call anywhere, and by anywhere, I mean your desk, your computer, your smart phone, and your tablet. can the system ring one of these or all of these at the same time. Another advantage a VoIP system gives you is the ability to make office phone calls from a dedicated company number instead of using your personal cell phone. This feature helps prevent your clients from bugging you on the weekend, or should an employee leave their number stays with the company.

The second thing that should be offered in these systems is SMS messaging. yes, text messaging is kind of a standard, but one key feature that ours will do is allow text messaging to be routed to multiple responding parties at one time. This is key for sales teams. In addition to SMS, we can even route your website chat bug to the same SMS call routes. this means that all your communication can be held in one place, including your Facebook messages can also be tide in.

Many VoIP providers are also starting to provide video conferencing features, most of which are trying to add this on as an extra service; in many cases, this is just zoom relabeled and add and add extra fees. however, our solution includes that for free, and doesn’t require any extra software on your computer to use it. There’s also a free videoconferencing app for iOS and Android.

A third thing that you may or may not be worried about is the integration with popular CRM’s such as HubSpot, Insightly, and ZOHO, to name a few. Which our VoIP system integrates with many of them.

For the fourth thing, I want to point out that many of these other companies will charge you a flat $30 plus month fee per user. We’ve found is that many companies don’t need every single user at the same usage level. for example why do you need to pay $30 a month for an elevator emergency phone line. with our phone system we can do this for pennies a month.


Oh and the most important difference with our phone system compared to the competitors is we have no contracts! we earn your business every month.


We really don’t mean to brag but we do feel we have a superior product compared to the others on the market. Check out our comparison chart at the link in the video description below

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